Vertical: The Future of Farming

Vertical: The Future of Farming follows a new generation of urban, indoor farmers, whose approach to food production offers the potential to combat climate change while feeding hundreds of millions. From New York City, to Portland, Oregon to Singapore, these farmers are turning agricultural conventions on their head by utilizing vertical space in cities, rather than expansive rural fields. The result, according to retired Columbia Professor Dickson Despommier, represents the “next evolutionary jump in humanity’s quest for a reliable, sustainable food supply.”

Scott Morris is a Seattle-based filmmaker and video director who, in 2013, directed, produced and co-wrote White Like Me: Race, Racism and White Privilege in America featuring Tim Wise, which has been screened in every state in the US and more than 15 countries around the world. As the Creative Director at Waka Waka Studios, he’s directed a national commercial, been nominated for an Emmy, and created web videos that have reached more than 25 million viewers worldwide.

Jay Windland is a Seattle-based documentary filmmaker and photographer. Starting from a background in broadcast news, he went on to contribute cinematography to documentary films including: When I Walk and On a Scale of 1 to 10, in addition to creating branded content for companies like SpaceX and Redfin. Over the last few years, Jay has had the opportunity to capture stories for media outlets like Money Magazine and Discovery Science, as well as direct live broadcasts for major recording artists at the Sasquatch! and Upstream Music Festivals.

Best Documentary Short, Angeles Film Festival
Vitruvian Award, DaVinci International Film Festival
Social Impact Award, A Show for Change Film Festival

Also accepted by the:
New York International Film Awards
STIFF: Seattle True Independent Film Festival
Charlotte Film Festival

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