Solution of Agricultural Land Scarcity

One of the various post-modern problems that have axed the future of the human race is the massive population explosion that is taking place all over the world. According to a recent study of demographics, by 2050, the problem will be such that the world population which is growing at a rate of three percent, will need an additional 109 hectares of land for subsistence farming through traditional agricultural methods. Needless to say, this could become a common problem for the next generation of the world in the near future.

A sustainable solution is the growing trend of vertical farming. It is a practice of growing crops on a vertically stacked layer. Crop are grown under artificial conditions of light and temperature. It aims at higher productivity in smaller spaces. It uses soilless method such as hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics. Vertical farming requires less water, pesticides, and nutrient. Being indoors the crop is not subject to seasons and gives high productivity and year-round Facilities like AeroFarms in an enclosed environment, where almost everything from the lighting and ambient temperature to soil conditions and nutrients are carefully controlled.

The facility uses extensive vertical racking to optimize space, as compared to a conventional crop farm enabling it to be located on a far smaller site and much closer to an established urban area the process of crop production is insulated from seasonal weather patterns that are highly susceptible to disruption as a result of our changing climate. Lighting, water, and temperature can all be optimized to remove climatic risks and enhance production on a vertical farming.

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