Plantsome The Ikea of Plants

Plantsome is a web shop that offers a wide range of plants, pots, accessories and related gifts. It currently serves customers in four different countries across two different continents and they are not finished expanding. It was set up by two young entrepreneurs, who are also brothers, they are also the sons of a plant breeder! 

Plantsome is setting out to turn homes and offices into urban jungles using only the highest quality tropical plants.

70% of the plants currently available on are grown and sourced from local nurseries. Plantsome hand picks each of their products to ensure that AAA-grade plant babies are sent to customers. And just like Ikea each plant has a name…

The companies green mission doesn’t end there. They have optimised internal processes to reduce our carbon footprint. Combine that with the will to make buying plants easier and tada .. Plantsome is born.

plantsome brothers

Why does it take so much effort to buy a plant these days? A trip to the local garden center can easily take you a few hours and bringing a plant with you after grocery shopping will soon cost you .. well, maybe your back. Want to squeeze a plant under your arm with all those heavy bags? No thanks! That should and can be simpler, right?

These are Thom and Axel, brothers with a passion for plants and a passion for discovery.

Looking around you, seeing and learning new things … we love that. New insights that lead to new experiences, this can also be the case with plants! Plants can purify the air in your house, bring happiness (scientifically proven, yes really!) Or of course make your house a real home. We know exactly which plant can bring what you need, don’t you believe it? 

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