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Rooted is a microlearning platform built to delight the most discerning urbanites and their employers alike. It helps them them grow their own food at home.

Co-founder by ID Capital Pte., Rooted is building on the need urbanites have to reconnect with the food they eat, and the aspiration to grow a bit themselves at home. It engages with the largest and most progressive multinational corporations willing to offer this opportunity to their employees as part of their Corporate Wellness Program, or Employee Engagement Programs.

Rooted tells stories with a goal. We work with a global community of urban farming gurus to produce these stories in the form of bite-sized videos, podcasts, blogs etc… Rooted pioneers a new way of learning online, and helps urbanites embed sustainably in their daily routine.

To accompany our development in this “happening sector”, we are recruiting a Production Manager

Specific Responsibilities

Research topics (10%)

  • Investigate the storytelling potential of various crops that can be farmed at home, as well as the practicality of farming them.
  • Remain culturally savvy and up-to-date on cultural trends.

Pre-production (40%)

  • Scout contributors worldwide (academics, farming experts, entrepreneurs…) – help identity local influencers, gurus and mavericks.
  • Scout local videographers
  • Draft narrative structure of each story and write scripts
  • Scout filming locations. Manage pre-production calls.
  • Build music library and match music with episodes as per pre-existing guidelines

Execute the shoot (15%)

  • Shoots may have to be managed remotely or on Zoom
  • Direct videographer to capture b-roll
  • Source additional (archival) content from contributors and other parties, to be used as b-roll
  • Check quality of footage

Post-production (35%)

  • Organize content archiving to facilitate editing and allow multiple usage over time
  • Prepare interview transcripts and match them to script structure
  • Finalize scripts. Get voice-overs recorded
  • Manage video editor for a smooth and prompt turn around
  • Source additional materials to populate Rooted website material sections

Technical Skills & Competencies

  • Full management of video content production process, with multiple contributors across multiple geographies. This include benchmarking and selecting best technical platform for hosting and post-production
  • Hiring of freelance videographers and video editors
  • Brand building (graphic chart, editorial line, music chart) and selection of on-brand contributors accordingly
  • Ability to critically evaluate video content and clearly communicate thoughts on the given content and/or subject.
  • Beyond plain writing skills, development of storytelling ability: a strong sense of narrative; experience making complicated concepts accessible and engaging.


9 months

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