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In the words of Mark Bittman, “Everyone deserves food that is green, nutritious, affordable and fair”. Local Urban Vegetables (LUV) is a venture-backed AgTech startup working relentlessly to make this a reality for all people, everywhere. We’re seeking an experienced Electrochemist to join us as we work to solve one of the biggest challenges facing humans worldwide – hunger.

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced Electrochemist to join our team and focus on the development and manufacture an agriculture monitoring system that primarily measures the macronutrients and other physical parameters (pH, EC, PAR, Temperature, Humidity, etc.)  in the water and the environment.  One would be expected to integrate several different parts on the instrument to work together to complete the system. These parts are as follows: 1. The automated calibration of sensors; 2. The automated rinsing of sensors;  3. The automated washing of sensors; 4. The automated monitoring of the water and environment; and  5.  The operation of software to run the different parts together in a system.

Job Requirements

  • M.S. or PhD in electrochemistry.
  • Requires 5 years+ of experience in a commercial lab setting.
  • A thorough understanding of the principles of electrochemistry.
  • A thorough understanding of developing calibrants and calibrating ion selective electrodes, and other sensors.
  • Experience in the construction and design of electrodes (repair and troubleshooting).
  • A knowledge of electrochemical electronics, signal processing and measurements.
  • An understanding of buffers.
  • A good understanding of integrating sensor electronics with software.
  • Proficient at writing reports and can use Excel (or other software) to collect, analyze and present data.
  • Plan experiments to optimize the development of sensors and electrodes.
  • Possible travel to setup instruments.
  • Several years of experience in an electrochemical laboratory.
  • Several years of industry experience in product development.
  • Take customer calls and troubleshoot instrument issues (technical support).
  • Electrochemical laboratory management (supplies, equipment, personnel).


  • Competitive salary
  • Stock options
  • Medical, dental, vision, 401k and PTO benefits
  • Flexible work conditions
  • Real chance to help change the world

About Us

Local Urban Vegetables (LUV) is an AgTech startup based in Los Angeles, where we’ve developed the first ultra-high yield vertical farming system. Our proprietary technology improves farming for growers across the entire farming lifecycle, from seed-to-harvest. Our whole farm systems enable ultra-high yield farming within any industrial warehouse, while our individual technologies such as root zone management systems, substrates and seed technology help traditional growers (soil, hydroponic, etc.) increase their yields, lower their costs and become more environmentally sustainable.

Our mission is to enable affordable, fresh produce grown hyper-locally in a clean, sustainable environment. For the past four years we have developed, engineered, and tested our patented, modular and scalable growing system. We are in the process of building a Showroom Farm in Los Angeles to showcase the capabilities and commercialize our core technologies. We are venture-backed, offer competitive salaries and exceptional benefits. If you want to be a part of an amazing team working to make the world a better place, join us.

To apply for this job please visit www.linkedin.com.

Local Urban Vegetables

To apply for this job please visit www.linkedin.com.

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