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Jan 14

How to Bokashi Your Food Waste? How To Donate it

January 14 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm SMT

How to Bokashi Your Food Waste? How to Donate it or Use it Yourself?

Want to know what you can do with your kitchen scraps? Do you want to compost but live in the city and don’t have the time or space to do so

Are you tired of seeing the garbage problem worldwide? Tired of complaining?Are you tired of buying your own organic fertilizer and also dealing with pests and odours when making your own compost? Not a Plant Tito or Plant Tita – but wanted to divert your food waste away from the landfills? Attend this 1 hour webinar to get an idea how this works.

Donate your Bokashied Food Waste to heal our farm lands and divert it away from the landfills.

But other than that – why Bokashi Your Food Waste?

Why should you care?

Smelly Trash bins 🗑️🚮

Cockroaches, ants, rats and even snakes 🐍

Constant monitoring of kitchen wastes in trash bins

Unreliable trash collection due to the pandemic

Rodriguez landfill will reach its limit in the very near future

Yard waste from our garden areas also contribute to landfill trash 🌿🌻


So, how to donate your Bokashied Food Waste?

Option 1: Bring . send it to our Monthly Drop Off Events around the Metro 🚇

OPtion 2: Pledge your Monthly Donations 💰

How to Bokashi Your Food Waste?

Please support our advocacy in addressing solid wastes while also rehabilitating our soil for organic farming in both rural and urban areas – just by attending this webinar – you will meet people who are concerned with the environment, learn about Composting.

Even if you are based outside the Philippines, you can still join this webinar to show your support for this local advocacy group .

Bokashi Pinoy is a social enterprise, fueled by the passion of like minded volunteers. We aim to raise awareness on the ecological impact of humans in the environment, and provide solutions focused on individual responsibility and accountability.

Our current initiatives

  1. Divert food waste from landfills
  2. Equip urban areas to revitalize available soil
  3. Create additional income for farmers during the off season
  4. Support a circular economy through the use of upcycled materials for all Bokashi stages

A minimum donation of P100 will go towards appreciating the efforts of our tireless volunteers.

If you recently purchased a Bokashi Starter Kit or a GGC Bundle – you may attend this webinar for FREE – please approach your seller / reseller for the QR Code / Voucher code.

This will be done via Zoom Meeting. So, please download the zoom app either on your Mobile phone or your laptop/desktop.

Zoom Meeting details will be sent to you via email.

Zoom Download page



Lanie Bokashi